Healthcare establishments such as hospitals, outpatient clinics or laboratories are characterised by the need to observe high levels of hygiene. For a radiator to be hygienic, it needs to be cleaned with ease. On top of this, a radiator for healthcare establishments needs to be stout, leak-free, rust-resistant and also maintenance-free.

DL Radiators has developed a radiator line expressly designed for healthcare installations, i.e. Igiene Multicolonna multi-column and plate models.

Multicolonna Igiene models are certified by the LGA German certification company and the space between elements is 66 mm to ease the removal of dust.

Igiene plate models are free of grids, flanks and convectors and have a round surface for each part of the radiator to be perfectly cleaned with absolutely no risks for cleaners.

On demand, both radiator types can be painted with antibacterial paint.

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