The choice of a radiator for residential use is a complex process that usually boils down to a compromise between technical efficiency and aesthetics.

DL Radiators sets aside this logic and offers architects, interior designers and end customers alike solutions that will never sacrifice any technical or design elements.

Its catalogue features the broadest range of radiators befitting any systems, i.e. hydronic systems at high and low temperature, electric or combined systems.

Whether the intended use is in new, refurbished or retrofitted buildings, DL Radiators gives discerning designers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products meeting their own needs and those of their end customers in terms of robustness, reliability, performance and efficiency.

Parallely, sophisticated designs and finishes, and the opportunity to choose from various models, versions and colours will help integrate radiators in any type of interiors and use them as furnishing elements suiting any style or taste.

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