Office radiators, in particular, need to effectively meet the requirements of new spaces. The heat emitted from radiators is mild, with high thermal lag and consequently without sudden temperature changes; radiators are also silent. These are important characteristics in working environments such as offices with a variety of spaces, working areas, meeting rooms, common or reserved areas.

The products of DL Radiators perfectly suit all of the above settings.

The DL Radiators catalogue shows the best solutions for any type of office through a broad variety of models to choose from, from multi-column radiators – which can be designed to fit any sizes and thermal output – to plates working with both high and low temperature systems, in both their classic or flat versions mounted either horizontally or vertically.

In addition to this, DL Radiators offers design radiators for reception rooms and towel rails for bathrooms or utility rooms.

The degree of customisation offered by DL Radiators is such that customers can choose their desired colours for most products on sale.

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