A full range of hydronic, electric and combined radiators

The DL Radiators product range includes hydronic radiators, electric radiators and combined radiators, for all customers to benefit from flexible installation options fit for each interior, requirement or temperature comfort.


Hydronic thermosiphon radiators are fed by a hot water circuit that can work at various temperatures (depending on the heat source) and be adapted to all types of sources, i.e. a traditional boiler, a heat pump or a solar power plant.


Electric radiators use an electrical resistance as heat source. This is incorporated into thermosiphon radiators and controlled by a thermostat. These heaters reach service temperature and produce the desired warmth in a short time. With an in-built fan, they can also be used in combined mode.


Combined heaters integrate both a hot water circuit and an electrical resistance, or a blower fan. In the first case, the electrical resistance can be activated when the central water heating system is not working. In the second case, the blower fan can be activated, either alone or in combined mode, to quickly reach the desired room temperature.